What is your Unique Selling Point?


So, I prefer ofada rice to any other type of rice – fried rice, jollof rice (Nigerian or Ghanian), coconut rice, Chinese rice or peppered rice won’t even stand a chance, this is because of ofada’s unique taste and stew and also because of the additional health benefits.

You see, that unique taste of ofada that makes me prefer it to any other rice – that additional health benefit I get from ofada that makes me choose it over Nigerian jollof rice is called a USP – Unique Selling Point.

USP is simply what your business stands for and what makes your business stand out. It is the specific thing that makes your business different from others. From ‘speedy delivery’ to ‘after-sales service’, ‘extended warranty’ to ‘free gift inside’ your USP could be anything worthwhile.

As a business owner, you need to decipher what makes your business unique, different and better than the competition or simply create one.

From my last post, the question – why should we patronise you? is simply asking you what your unique selling point is.

Therefore, it is important that you:

1. Identify/create your uniqueness (find out what makes your business stand out)

2. Locate your target market (you’re not out to everyone, so find out where you product or service is actually needed)

3. Dominate your niche (use your uniqueness to carve a niche for yourself and dominate)

Got it? So, what’s your USP?

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