Why Should We Buy Your Product and Services


Just post pictures of clothes, shoes and bags – on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. Then put the caption: ‘come and buy what I am selling o!’ business has started.

If I want to sell a product to you that way, would you buy from me?

Surprisingly, that’s the way most people do ‘business’ today without asking themselves why people should buy the products they sell or pay for the services they render? Out of everyone selling what you sell, why should we choose you?

Look at it this way, the things you bought with your money – why did you buy them? What made you patronise the business you bought from? Was the product cheaper? Was the service faster? Was the customer care on point?

People pay for value, people buy solutions. What value is your business giving? What solution does your business provide? What problem is your business solving? What benefits are your customers getting?

Think about these and I’d see you in my next post.

Author: seyiolaoye

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